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federal law enforcement agents should have been working with the authorities of pakistan to arrest him. >> and one really has to ask the question why the government was not able to arrest or even question him. this is islamabad we're talking about. it's the capital of the country. >> population is over a million people. jirga was a real public event. >> it was at a big hotel. it was advertised widely. it was an open event. >> tariq aziz was plainly visible to hundreds and hundreds of people. he talked with reporters. everything about him that the authorities could have wanted to know about his location and about his recent activities were known to the united states. >> it would have been extremely easy for them to approach him, sit down and talk to him or, for that matter, put him in jail. but instead the cia chose to go and kill him without giving him the opportunity to give his side of whatever it is that they thought that he had done. there is no evidence there whatsoever. and they've given him no lawyers, there's no judge and there's no jury. >> our preference is always to capture
for years now. >> well, we would all hope that president obama would've supported labor law reform. because we have the most -- >> he said he would in the campaign. >> right, we have the most pro-management federal labor laws of any country in the world. and the labor movement has suffered as a result of that. but only a few weeks ago in a suburb -- a rural suburb of atlanta, in dekalb county, 500 sanitation workers signed a contract with the county through the representation of the teamsters union. 500 garbage workers now have a union voice that they didn't have two months ago. and that is a sign that the labor movement, it's not thriving. but there are lots of experints and initiatives happening all over the country. that one day strike in cities around the country by fast food workers a couple of months ago -- and the growing -- activism among wal-mart workers who are taking on the biggest corporation in the world and saying, "we're not going to take poverty wages anymore," those things are signs that the labor movement is starting to stand up and be counted and i've been to lots of meet
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)